YES to VOW project is chosen as SEEDS funding award 2020 by Young Southeast Asia Leadership Initiative (YSEALI). Our main Objective is to share knowledge to youths regarding sex education and to raise awareness of it. Firstly, since parents are the first teacher of their children, we are going to share the knowledge with the parents first. Then, we will share the knowledge with the teachers, and from teachers to 10 years old children upto 25 years old youths.

Why SEX EDUCATION is needed? ???

Having a conservative tradition for so many years, it does not seem strange that Myanmar tend to think of “Having Sex” whenever they hear the term “Sex Education”. Some even say that teaching “Sex Education” is not appropriate with the culture. But, still, since sex is needed for reproduction, we should share knowledge about “Sex Education” with the youths. If not, they could tend to be off track. They should know that it is natural for a young person to take interest in the opposite sex and they should be knowledge with “Sex education” so that they would not go the wrong way. Therefore, “Sex Education” should be taught to all regardless of age.

Our Team

Project Leader

Dr. Hsu Myat Mo is a Project Leader of YES to VOW team. She has graduated with M.B.,B.S in 2011 and founded, Youth Doctors Healthcare which is a non-profit healthcare organization providing free and reliable medical service to needy people especially living in SLUM areas. She graduated from Harvard Medical School, Southeast Asia Healthcare Leadership Program (class of 2018-2019) and well-known healthcare leader for her outstanding community works. She received Most Impactful Healthcare Leader Award 2018 at World Health and Wellness Congress, Mumbai, India. She is an alumni of Young Southeast Asia Leadership Initiative and attended regional workshop for Non Communicable Diseases and Mental Health Awareness in 2019, Bandung, Indonesia. She also cooperated with U.S Embassy Rangoon to promote awareness of NCD and Mental Health and also organized YSEALI YOUnified programs to promote the health knowledge and environmental conservation. Currently, she is working as a project medical officer for World Health Organization, Myanmar Epilepsy Initiative while providing healthcare and health education programs for Myanmar Community.

Project Secretary

Dr. Htwe Htwe Htet, is an outstanding young leader who is currently working as a Technical Coordinator for Organizational Development at PACT Myanmar. She has been working with local and international NGOs since 2013 and has many years of experience for designing different training programs. She received Fujitsu Scholarship 2019 and attended JAMIS Global Leaders for Innovation and Knowledge Program in Japan, Hawaii, Singapore and Thailand. She initiated YES to VOW project as her capstone and now, we are trying to implement this as a real project to create better and bigger impact for Myanmar community.

Project Treasurer

Dr. Linn Htet Aung, is a young doctor with great enthusiasm in volunteering works. Since his medical student life, he has been volunteering for different charity organizations including Youth Doctors Healthcare Group, which is a mother organization for YES 2 VOW project. He also volunteered for YSEALI YOUnified programs. He has got Master of Public Administration (MPA) in 2019 and had 3 years experience on project management including Budget reports which made him to be a treasurer for YES 2 VOW. At presence, he is working as a project medical officer for World Health Organization, Myanmar Epilepsy Initiative.